The Production Facility

art-woodworking-facility-linden-njIn our 8,000 square foot production facility, no doubt, the best asset is the people we hire. We have adopted the practice of hiring trainees and promoting from within as each individual becomes an expert and meets our expectations. As each individual takes more interest and dedication to their own projects, we avoid a robotic mentality of a pay check. Our employees become part of our vision and part of our family and dream.

As a custom shop, most of our work is produced by the hands of our craftsmen; therefore we invest more in people than in automatization. We believe machinery should help the craftsmen, and not the operator helping the machine.

Our Office and Warehouse

art-woodworking-office-linden-njOur 4,000 square foot warehouse and office are located in a separate building across the street from the shop. We use it to store the raw materials and finished products ready to be delivered to job sites.

It also houses our engineering and project management teams. We use the latest CAD technology to prepare the shop drawings for submission as well as preparing budgets, planning the production and installation schedules, analyzing details and much more.