Our slogan at Art Woodwork is “Experience the difference!” Simply put, it means our products and services are aimed to please our clients beyond their expectations, now and long after the installation is completed. Our vision is to be known as the “Rolls Royce/Bentley” of architectural millwork and interior renovations and number one service provider of the New York City up-scale market.

Art Woodwork offer our clients the best and most pleasant service and products so their designs become a reality without all the struggles they will get from their typical woodworker or interior contractor. We provide the end-user the opportunity to enjoy and experience the practical and intricate expertise brought to us by their design professional combined with the beauty and warmth of high quality natural wood products, which will be theirs to enjoy and pass on to generations to come.

For our employees, we provide the opportunity, as artists, to be proud of the work they accomplish and in return, work in an healthy environment allowing them the opportunity to provide a better quality of life for their families

Woodworking Is An “ART”

Because of our modest size, Art Woodwork provides unequal personal attention to every project and the needs of our clients, concentrating on small details, yet never losing sight of the big picture. In a world where most of our competition looks strictly at numbers, we put emphasis on delivering a quality product and superior service before profits.

Westfield NJ Home Remodeling ProfessionalLiving up to our name, woodworking for us is an “ART”.

We stand firm in the traditional principals of the ones gone before us; honesty, integrity and true love for the craft, revealed in the old world of high quality craftsmanship in woodwork and interior construction.

Such principals are reflected on the people we hire; they are our most valued asset. Although utilizing some of the modern technology, our employees are skilled professionals capable of combining their skill and the ethic of the European tradition in fine wood-crafting and construction with proficiency that only comes with years of experience.

Our services encompass nearly every aspect of interior construction and renovation from design to shop drawings, engineering, dedicated project management, and true craftsmanship in production and installation. We cover a variety of services, including high-end architectural millwork, custom high-end furniture, interior wall and dry wall construction, painting, trim and entire interior renovations. We look forward to working with you on your next project!